Errkz is your premier advertiser that provides you with reliable and superior vehicles for rental purposes. It has long been our mission to provide our customers with a level of service that far exceeds our competitors. We have assembled the most knowledgeable team to ensure that all of our customer's needs are met, right down to the finest detail while disseminating our content to the public.

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What does Errkz do?


What a resounding entrance but not short of a sudden stop. In this industry of advertising all types vehicles, our ultimate goal is to provide a platform for owners to promote posh vehicles to prospective rentee. We are driven by our customers' needs and so our team is fueled by the level of satisfaction a customer gets from our astonishing services. We give motor vehicle merchants that platform and support required to grow their businesses and thrive. Most importantly, we measure our success by the owners' success.

What sets Errkz apart?

Our vision for e-commerce is one that empowers people through technology, which is accessible by any and everyone.

Errkz Goals

We strive to improve visibility, user experience, readability and most importantly, functionality. We've dedicated ourselves to making sure that everyone enjoys their experience on Errkz. We take great pride in working passionately to exceed your expectations each and every time you visit errkz.